Scanning’s Makeover


Scanning is going full colour. From logos to labels – with the right app – if it’s visible, it’s scannable. Scanning a logo, for example, gives brands an opportunity to communicate to consumers through augmented reality and with our newest addition, a mobile app called #logoscan, we’re currently in communication with more brands to get their brand messages loaded.

New developments in image recognition technology means literally any graphic image can be made scannable. Goodbye QR codes! It will be leading the way in scanning revolution. Augmenta, another image recognising app that is included in our suite, is the driving force behind LogoScan, a logo-only recognising app.

With LogoScan, you simply need to hold up your smartphone to activated logos and scan to see videos or images in AR+, or link through to a brand’s website and social media channels.

“We want people to be encouraged, curious and intrigued when engaging with a brand’s logo like never before,” says Rich Cheary, CEO of Publisher’s Toolbox. “We want brands to engage with their audience through AR+ and a scannable logo is the best way to start that relationship.”

LogoScan will showcase its very first activated logos at the Cape Town Festival Of Beer from 30 November to 2 December. Download LogoScan for free on Android and iOS and head to the festival to see what it’s all about.

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