AR Event activation of Cape Town Festival of Beer #CTFOB

AR activation of 40 craft beer brands in the region at the Festival Of Beer introduced a digital experience to the exhibition and marketing of their products. Read below for more details around how the Logoscan team went about enabling the craft brewery brands for AR scan activation.

The idea was simple: to activate beer logos at the event, so people would experience local beer brands in augmented reality.

Prior to the event, scanning any of the activated logos, included Cape Town Festival Of Beer content and allowed the user to click through to the website to buy tickets. We set up a bulk email to the breweries, explaining the idea behind LogoScan and using their logos to augment the event. We also asked for their preferred original content (video mp4 not bigger than 200MB/link to video/image in jpeg format) to display during the event when the logo gets scanned. These campaigns were amended in the week prior to the event changed. The week prior, we got in contact with all the newer breweries that signed up to be part of the event in order to ensure their logos are also scannable. Communication to the public went out via social media to download the app before the event to ensure no connectivity or data problems.

At the entrance, there were two pull-up banners introducing LogoScan and explaining the competitions and process. There were 4 promoters walking around handing out flyers and marketing LogoScan. They were also given airtime to be able to create a hotspot for people to download the app, should someone see data as a barrier. We made table talkers for the 30 breweries that were part of our competition, so we could be sure that there were logos that were scannable. In this case it was wooden blocks that had the breweries logos modge podged on.

As an incentive for people to download LogoScan, we included R1000 cash prize for both Saturday & Sunday. The entry checkpoint was to scan the Cape Town Festival Of Beer logo, which was on a flyer listing the competition, along with the 30 breweries that were part of the competition. We also handed out other spot prizes (shirts, caps and beer tokens) if a person has scanned at least 10 beer logos from these 30 breweries.

Check out a few of the logos in augmented reality:


1 email to the breweries (follow up was done on the phone)​

30 x table talkers

1000 x flyers

2 x non-identical pull up banners

40 caps (for 4 promoters & handing out as prizes)

56 t-shirts (for 4 promoters & handing out as prizes)


On the Saturday, there were about 5000 people, where only 500 people attended on the Sunday.


App Downloads


Total Scans


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